On average, it takes 15-20 minutes for an Uber Eats driver to deliver your food. Can you imagine having to wait weeks to get your food? It can be equally frustrating if this is not food, but your oral health you’re waiting on. You want a dental procedure that can get you a brighter smile on the same day. Fortunately, same-day dental implants have become the standard of care for individuals in need of urgent replacement. If you are considering this procedure, continue reading to learn more.

What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Regular implants can take weeks, but same-day dental, as the name implies, allows you to get your implants on the same day that you remove your natural teeth.

This procedure improves the fusion of the rod that binds the abutment to the jawbone. The advantage of same-day dental implants is clearly the shorter treatment time, which allows the gums to begin growing around the implant. This creates a more natural appearance for your smile while avoiding food particles from entering the open surgical hole left after extraction.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get a Dental Implant?

If you are considering dental implants after dental extractions, you will usually need to wait at least ten weeks after the tooth extraction. This time enables the mouth to recover properly after the extraction procedure.

Whether or not you will need to wait for your mouth to heal before receiving dental implants is contingent on your health condition, the location of your teeth, and the presence of infection.

What Are the Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants?

As previously mentioned, the whole procedure may last as little as one day, and the recovery is almost instantaneous. Whether one or many teeth need replacements, same-day dental implants are a less invasive and cost-effective solution. By restoring function and aesthetics, the treatment produces instant effects and instills confidence.

Let us examine the advantages:

  • An increase in your confidence
  • Enhancement in your bite and communication
  • Boost in dental health
  • Save time and money by reducing the number of dental visits
  • Instant outcomes after a single visit
  • Natural-looking and natural-feeling teeth
  • Restores the shape of the face
  • Reduces wrinkles caused by face collapse from bone loss
  • Teeth are secured to the jaw, preventing them from slipping
  • Eliminate heat and cold sensitivity
  • Physically less destructive to the bone and adjacent tissue
  • No need for invasive periodontal flap surgery
  • Removes the need for bone transplants
  • Reduces the patient’s suffering
  • The simplicity of a single appointment
  • Reduced disruption of routine activities
  • Reduces Recovery time
  • Fewer complications
  • Affordable treatment procedure
  • A permanent treatment that lasts a lifetime

These advantages are the most common reasons why patients prefer the same-day procedure over the traditional one.

How Does the Same-Day Dental Implant Procedure Works?

The oral surgeon will take an X-ray or imprint of your jaw. This enables them to build a replica of your mouth to design your implants. CT scans help create a three-dimensional picture of the jaw to determine whether there is sufficient jaw bone to place the implant.

A complete arch prosthesis will be fitted and connected on the day of the implantation. Your dentist will guide you toward the appropriate implant treatment option. In severe cases, orthognathic surgery might be a treatment option to explore.

Which Patients Are Unsuitable for This Oral Surgery Procedure?

In order to know if the procedure is suitable or not, it’s important to see your dentist. The dentist will inspect your oral health to check if you are a candidate or not. If you are unsuitable for the procedure, the dentist will let you know why, and provide other recommendations.

There are a variety of reasons, such as insufficient bone to support the implant or constant teeth grinding that can potentially make a candidate unsuitable. Whatever the case is, it’s vital to see the dentist first for an evaluation.

What Are Things to Keep in Mind With Same-Day Dental Implants?

Even if a crown is placed immediately, success is contingent upon the implant fusing properly to the bone. Even the slightest movement may cause difficulties throughout the healing process. The titanium surface of each implant will fuse with the surrounding bone.

While same-day dental implants offer immediate benefits, osseointegration is required for long-term success. It will take time for the jaw to fuse permanently. Patients are strongly encouraged to adhere to recuperation recommendations during the procedure.

What Are the Disadvantages of Same-Day Dental Implants?

Here are some disadvantages of the same day dental implant procedure to keep in mind:

  • Increases the risk of implant movement
  • Requires patience to achieve successful osseointegration
  • High infection risk
  • Patients who grind their teeth can wear down their implants
  • Doctors recommend abstaining from tobacco use

Despite these disadvantages, dental implants are still an effective method of tooth replacement.

Recovering From Same-Day Dental Implants

Following the completion of the implant, patients may feel some symptoms, such as:

  • Gum and facial swelling
  • A small amount of blood
  • Bruised gums and skin
  • Pain
  • Infection

Each patient’s experience may vary, but with the appropriate dental hygiene and pain medication, the recovery process for a successful implant is possible.

The recovery process takes around 3-6 months, where the bone underneath the gum regenerates and recovers. Depending on the extent of dental treatment needed and the patient’s healing pace, some people may have lengthier recovery times.

Are Same-Day Dental Implants a Safe Procedure?

Surgery is always risky, but implants have a minimal risk of complications. Always verify the legitimacy and experience of the oral surgeon before partaking in this endeavor.

The healing process is critical because of the susceptibility to infection. Because your new tooth remains in place while the bone continues to fuse with the metal rod, there is an increased chance of implant movement and failure. Cigarette smoking and tooth grinding may lead to implant failure.

Are You Ready for a Same-Day Smile?

Are you ready to get teeth in a day? If same-day dental implants are the treatment option for you, the time has come to begin the procedure.

Arrange for a consultation today.